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Norm Holding has maintained its leadership in the sector since 1973 with its qualified human resources, which have brought corporate values into focus. Norm Holding has achieved success in every step it has taken with its human resources, which make a difference for customers, believes in the power of the team, behave fairly and respectfully, add value to the society and the environment and constantly improve itself.

We aim to ensure that our human resources consist of talents that dream of going beyond the specified standards, constantly questioning in order to develop their processes, develop innovative processes and approaches, think creatively, constantly develop themselves, are curious, behave ethically, are neutral and fair, share knowledge and respect.


Recruitment Process
As Norm Holding, one of our most important goals is to incorporate the individuals who are specialized in their fields, have professional working understanding, are dynamic, have high development potential and motivation, attach importance to team work and are to adopt Norm Holding values and to take necessary actions to realize them. It is always essential for us to evaluate the right talent in the right position, accordingly, Norm Holding Talent Pool is kept up-to-date throughout the year and our Human Resources team continues to work throughout the year to discover talents.
Evaluation System:
In our recruitment process, the job description of the position and the qualifications required will enable us to design our evaluation process. All or part of the following evaluation tools can be applied to evaluate the eligibility of new graduates and experienced candidates for the position.
Personality Inventory
General Ability Test
English Proficiency Exam / English Interview
Competency Based Interview
Executive Interview / Professional Interview
Evaluation Center Applications
At the end of the evaluation process, reference controls of the candidates who are found eligible are made and job offers are made to candidates who pass all stages and are evaluated to be eligible for the position by both our Human Resources team and the relevant Department Manager.
We are aware of the importance of informing candidates about the steps of the process and the results of the evaluation in recruitment processes. For this reason, we provide information to our candidates about each position we finalize via e-mail.
Internal Announcement System
We announce the vacant positions in our company to our employees with the application of “Guide Your Career” and give priority to them in order to be evaluated in the position. With this application, we offer our employees the opportunity to play an active role in their careers and guide their career development.
Internship Practices
During the summer term, we offer university students and during winter term, the vocational high school students the internship opportunity with the awareness that they will form our candidate pool in the future and enable them to get to know the business environment as a student.
In line with the education they receive, we provide the university students with the opportunity to do internship in the related department and enable them to carry out project studies in order to improve our processes in the name of making evaluations with a different perspective.


Performance Management System
With our Performance Management System, we aim to increase the performances of our employees by enabling them to aim at the targets in parallel with the company targets. At the beginning of each year, we contribute to our employees' understanding of how they contribute to the big picture with individual goals while reducing the company's targets to the departments and employees. The outputs of the performance evaluation system the whole process of which we conduct online; provide input to the fields of training & development, career planning, rewarding and compensation.
Career Planning
With Norm Holding Career Planning System, we aim to prepare the organization and employees of our globalized company for the future, to improve our existing human resources in line with their own development needs, to ensure the continuity of Norm Holding's leadership know-how, to meet the needs for the continuation of the organization and to keep the workforce to back up the positions.
Within the scope of Norm Holding's career planning system, we repeat all processes every year, prepare and implement individual development plans that will enable our employees to reach their career goals, and perform backup work of all positions.
Employee Satisfaction
We conduct an Employee Opinion Survey every year to measure employee satisfaction and loyalty on various issues related to our employees' business and company. In line with the results of the survey, we establish action committees composed of our employees at all levels and implement the action plans prepared for the areas intended for improvement by the action committees.


As Norm Holding, we realize our development plans according to 70:20:10 Effective Learning Model, which is determined to be valid in adult development. According to this model, 70% of the development is achieved by gaining experience, practicing and learning on the job, 20% is learned by relationship management and during communication, and 10% is provided through formal education methods and classroom training.

Norm Academy

All training and development activities within Norm Holding are carried out within the scope of Norm Academy. Norm Academy is a training platform providing information, skills and development opportunities to Norm Holding employees.

The aim of Norm Academy is; to prepare and implement development plans in line with the corporate and individual development needs that will carry our employees' business to the future by ensuring the internalization of strategy for developing competencies and all corporate values.

Under the umbrella of Norm Akademi,

  • Norm Technical Training Center (NormTEM)
  • Norm Vocational Training Center (Apprenticeship School)
  • Technical & Personal Development & Leadership Training Programs

Norm Technical Training Center (NORMTEM)

Our newly recruited employees are included in the NormTEM orientation program after company orientation. NormTEM provides the necessary theoretical and practical training in a planned and systematic manner according to product, process and quality requirements to ensure the rapid adaptation of our employees to their business and the company. After successful completion of the technical trainings, our new colleagues start to work on their duties.

Norm Vocational Training Center (Apprenticeship School)

Norm Vocational Training Center was established in 2007 under the Ministry of National Education. Students who start at the Vocational Training Center receive theoretical training one day a week and receive on-the-job trainings at Norm Holding companies on other days.

The training period at Norm Vocational Training Center is 4 years. Students who are successful in the examinations of the theoretical courses taken during the training and the practice exam held at the end of the training are entitled to receive "Certificate of Mastery".

Students who have successfully graduated from the Vocational Training Center start their business life at Norm Holding companies

Technical & Personal Development & Leadership Training Programs

We provide our employees with opportunities to improve themselves and offer development opportunities according to 70 – 20 – 10 learning model in order to contribute to their personal, managerial and technical skills.

Internal Training Opportunities

Our employees assigned as internal trainers are included in the internal training program. Our internal trainers support not only the training but also the preparation and design of the training contents.

Foreign Language & Master’s & Doctorate Support Programs

As a company, we support the development of our employees with the awareness of the value that individual development will add to the company. We organize private language training courses within the company and we cover a certain amount of the cost of our employees' courses.
We continually improve our norms and ourselves, support our employees' participation in master’s and doctorate programs in light of our value, and we still cover the certain amounts of tuition fees.


You can apply for our ads on www.kariyer.net in order to be from Norm. The applications are evaluated within the framework of the qualifications and competencies we have mentioned in the related announcements.